College Education Cost

The Role and Projected Outcome of College Education


The issue about worthiness of the total cost and amount of time spent by students in college has remained to be a matter of self-opinion. However, it is a fact that a good number of the students from across the world enroll in colleges with one objective in their mind, to acquire a top-quality education. Many also believe that the education and degree they acquire will open the doors to a successful and fulfilling future.

Worthiness of College Education in Regard to Its Cost and Effort

Cost of Study

When I was in college, I noticed that there are three major groups of students. The first group is made up of a small percentage (15%-20%) of students who are there because they want to be, they have developed a very good attitude towards education and believe that failure is not an option. The second group of about (10%-20%) are in college not because they want to be there but because they do not have an optional of being anywhere else. The third group, which happens to be largest (65%-75%) is made up of students with bright minds. However, they can lean on either of the side, success or failure depending on the circumstances and situations they go through during their education time.

The above observation confirms that the worthiness of cost and time invested in college education is a very personal opinion. For instance, the category one students will ever advocate that the amount of money and time they spent in acquiring college education was worth it. Group two students will aver differ, they will count it as a total waste of their time and resources. The third group happens to be largest will ever have mixed reactions. Those who succeed happen to be of the option that the time and cost was worth while those who fail differ.

The price tag that has been attached to college education has deterred many from accessing it. Though many governments offer loans to students, they are either not adequate or have very high interests. Some of the students are even discouraged from taking these loans because of the low job prospects hitting many countries in the world. When worthiness of that high cost and much time spent is put into consideration many will opt to take a job out of their secondary school education and immediately generate income.

The role of college education cannot be undermined at all cost. The biggest challenge is that some people try to compare its cost and time worthiness with the first salary income of the graduates. The best way to evaluate if college education is worth the cost and time invested in it is to look at it from a life time picture. Two or even five years of work after graduation might not efficiently gauge the worth of education, however, seven to ten years will offer a much more accurate picture of the actual long-term advantages that come with possession of college education.


Many great leaders and philosophers of this world have branded education as the only and most effective tool that can break generational poverty. Another factor that make me believe that college education is worth the cost is that it is the only thing that one can rely for the rest of life. Economy can be shift up and down due to effects of other forces but the degree one acquires will ever be beneficial to him or her. This makes it clear that the cost and time investment one puts in college education to great extent is worth.

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