Homework Value For Student

Students Doing Homework - Do They Like It or Hate It?

Doing homework may sometimes be perceived as a hectic task. It suggests optimal concentration and willingness to accomplish particular learning objectives. Despite the benefits associated with doing homework, many students continue finding numerous excuses that prevent them from completing the tasks assigned by their teachers. It may be true to indicate that some individuals relate the word 'homework' to an obligation of a certain kind. Thus, the obligatory character of the task makes them feel under pressure and inadequately motivated to complete their assignments.

Homework Value

Doing homework has always been considered an activity pertaining to common school life. As part of this life, many students believe that school years are the best time to enjoy. Hence, they tend to set priorities different than the one of doing homework. They would rather prefer to spend their free time chatting and meeting with friends, listening to music, or watching a movie than spending countless hours of solving a math problem or writing an essay. Many students are just busy with thinking of everything else except doing homework. Their lives represent a unending cycle of truly exciting experiences including interactions with new people. As a result, they immerse themselves into the flow of their lives and seem to ignore the importance of doing homework.

Most students do not like being told what they need to do, as this is usually perceived as an interference in their lives. Such an aspect is accepted as a form of control that young people try to avoid. It is apparent that young individuals like their freedom and independence, and thus fail to comply with strictly set rules. There are even students who support the belief that rules are created for breaking. In this way, they may experience a sense of relief and victory of their own. One such rule is to have their homework done. By breaking this rule, they affirm their intention of being noticed through their challenging attitude. Many students demonstrate a rebellious behavior, which is expressed in challenging the entire world.

Living in the moment is something they crave for, implying that their perception of doing homework may completely destroy a similar sensation to enjoy the moment. The exploration of why so many students hate doing homework may reveal different internal and external factors, but it is appropriate to claim the importance of the psychological factor. It refers to one's perception of doing homework as something boring or unfulfilling. There are even those who believe that doing homework is simply a waste of time. It is clear that such students fail to see how their regular engagement in this activity can significantly improve their academic performance.

Furthermore, it should be stated that the influence of the internet is an essential factor that shapes most students' unwillingness of doing homework. The internet revolution has changed our lives, bringing a strong sense of interaction with people from all over the world. Many students spend most of their time chatting with friends online especially through the popular social media platforms. While technology has certain advantages to contribute to the progress of education, it also presents some limitations such as that many students lose their interest in studies. Apart from using the internet for chatting with friends, the majority of students play games and listen to music. Even though such activities may be considered recreational to a certain extent, it is important to indicate that students' excessive use of technology is disadvantageous. Parents are responsible for maintaining balance and rules in the lives of their children. In turn, students may start developing an interest in doing homework.

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