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Personal Statement - Editor and Writer Position

About Me

I am a well-rounded, experienced, and a qualified candidate for a writing position at your company. I hold a Masters in Economics (International Trade and Finance) and Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics. Besides my academic qualifications, I hold a diploma in Certified Public Accountancy. Currently, I am a professional writer at and, positions I have held for the past three years. Writing calls for diligence, reliability, and dedication. I do have these qualities, and I want to have an impact at your company by assisting needy students to meet their demanding academic challenges. As an expert in Economics, Finance, and Accounting, I am attracted to projects that require the use of analytical, creative, and research skills. Your Writing and Editing Agency seems to provide the perfect place where I can put these skills into efficient use.

My Interests and Specialties

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My areas of expertise are Business (Management, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, and Finance), Psychology, World Affairs, History, and Ethics. I am conversant with MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, and OSCOLA formatting styles. Additionally, I can access peer-reviewed journals from academic databases such as Proquest, Hoovers DBS, EmeraldInsight, Sage Premier, annotated bibliographies, and JSTOR. I can author research proposals, article reviews, dissertations, marketing plans, research papers, business reports, and case studies. I am always available and ready to work on urgent cases that have strict deadlines. I believe that I will be of benefit to the Research and Editing Agency.

Academic Background

During my academic life, I have undertaken various academic and professional courses that prepared me for research. The study of economics at both the graduate and undergraduate level helped me to advance my analytical, research, and creative thinking skills. These skills have played a vital role in helping me to contemplate the relationships that exist between environmental factors and human behavior. Studying international economics heightened my interests in world affairs, and I obtained a clear picture of how trade has promoted globalization. I am capable of applying theories in International economics to explain current trade patterns. As a certified public accountant, I am well-equipped with financial analysis skills and accounting standards. I have gained knowledge that can enable me to generate detailed reports by analyzing financial statements. My knowledge in IFRS/IAS and GAAP helps me to analyze financial statements of companies in regions that have implemented IFRS/IAS or GAP standards.

Why I am an excellent Research Writer

Throughout my four years in academic writing, I have demonstrated skills and abilities that reflect exactly what a research position at Editing Agency demands. My previous success in writing varied research papers on various topics and the ability to maintain my professional status has proven my ability to deliver quality and remain relevant. Working with and has strengthened and improved my research, analytical, time management, and typing skills. Valuable lessons that I have learned includes paying special attention to detail, delivering orders in a diligent and timely manner, and maintaining originality in all my projects. Regardless of the subject, I am capable of organizing my ideas in a way that would indicate the statement under discussion. Careful planning ensures logical and smooth flow of ideas that attracts the attention of the audience throughout the paper. Utilizing ideas from different sources helps me to gather enough evidence to support the subject under discussion. Presenting ideas in a comprehensible manners help the reader to derive valid conclusions.

I would like to thank the editor at the Research Agency for finding time to review my personal statement. I hope that the brief description of my experience and qualifications provides you with a reason to consider my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Freelance Editor

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