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My Interest and Academic Background

What historical or scholarly research criterion do you use to locate primary sources and secondary sources? Do you like to do research? Why are you good at it?

Primary sources entail a great deal of investigation, but they can be found on government databases that provide original written documentation of historical figures, which can be found in the federal government and in local state historical societies. More so, these organizations can locate primary document online, but more importantly, by actually visiting these locations to see the actual documents. A quality research writer at the Masters or Graduate level should know these basic facts on primary source research.

The research writer should also know how to find journal articles, books, and other data by using online databases, such as JSTOR, EBSCO, Gale, and other international sources of academic and scholarly information. In some cases, a student’s university may also provide their own online database to help locate these scholarly sources. More so, some universities/colleges offer e-texts of books, articles, and other data that can help provide secondary sources with greater efficacy. These are important aspects of my background as a research writer, which define a high level of data acquisition as an educator, an English tutor, and an informed follower of these data collection processes.

Do you have a diverse array of academic interests beyond a focus on teaching/education and sociology?

I have a broad interest in many study subjects that go beyond education and sociology. I would like to consider myself a “renaissance woman”, since I have an interest in helping students write term papers on art, literature, history, theoretical economics, and anything else that can be brought to my attention. I enjoy the challenge of learning various subjects/topics in which I have had no previous experience, which allows me to creatively expand upon my knowledge base. This is one important reason why I would be an excellent candidate to write for, since I will be asked to write a wide variety of differing topics for a broad customer base.

Why did you choose to be a teacher/research writer?

I enjoy working with kids in grades K-8, but more importantly; I enjoy working with all age levels when it comes to teaching them the right way to better communicate in writing and reading. Again, I can be a freelance writer of great value, since I have many years of working experience with children, young adults, and adults in various educational environments. In fact, I have also been involved in helping adults learn to read and write in adult education night classes in the local area. will be another professional opportunity to help students that have difficulty writing papers at the undergraduate, masters, and even graduate level of writing.

Do you have any hobbies?

I am primarily interested in creative writing and reading in my spare time. I like to write poetry and short stories, which provide another aspect of my qualifications as a writer that understands dialogue, narrative form, and other aspects of literary styled writing. I also like to do gardening on the weekends, which is a relaxing reprieve from the workweek. When I get the chance, I also love to read novels and poetry. Of course, I am always in touch with the newest novels being released in the book selling markets. I enjoy keeping up with the newest trends in fictional literature, which inspires creativity and imagination in my own writings. Ultimately, I believe in a healthy balance of work and play as a general rule in my personal lifestyle orientation.

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